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We are moving, and Merry Christmas from New Zealand!

I have some great news to share with you all: we are moving to New Zealand! After almost 10 years in China, it feels great to start a new adventure. All my social media has taken the backseat for the last month when we have been preparing to move, but I was still a little shocked to notice that it has been more than a month since I wrote last.

We are moving to the north island of New Zealand, to a small city called Whakatane. If it sounds familiar then it is probably because you have recently heard about the volcanic eruption that occurred on Whakaari (White Island), just outside Whakatane.

All our stuff got shipped last week, and we arrived in New Zealand on Monday. We are celebrating Christmas with old friends before settling in in Whakatane, and so far I am already in love with this country!

I will write more next week, but for now, I will share a few pictures from the move, and the first few pictures from NZ.

Packing. We had a very nice moving company coming in and taking care of our move. They were very efficient and it did not take them long to pack up our whole apartment. We did not have that much furniture, so I guess that sped things up considerably.

The truck getting loaded.

A very empty apartment, except for our suitcases.

Welcome to New Zealand! This is the lake of Taupo.

We actually did see some snow on the mountains, enough to makes us very happy during Christmas time in a country where it is mid-summer...

Beautiful beaches. I have missed the sounds of waves.

Our hosts our first few days in New Zealand, and us today on Christmas day. Merry Christmas from New Zealand!


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