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The history of watercolours

Little more than a year ago, I did some research online on the history of watercolour. It resulted in a video that I posted on my Youtube channel. The sound quality was not really good though, and I have wanted to redo it for a long time. I got a microphone for my birthday earlier this month, and now I have finally been able to redo the voiceover. The video is uploaded, so if you are interested in the history of watercolour, then grab a cup of tea or coffee, and come and join me for a 45 min 'walk' through history:

I have been planning more videos to upload now when so many are sitting at home. It will keep me busy, and hopefully, it can ease someone's else's time as well while sitting at home in isolation. Today we got the information from the government that New Zealand will be set to level 4 within 48 hours due to the covid-19. That means that almost the whole country will be set into isolation as much as possible to try and avoid any further spread of the virus. I am very happy that they are doing it now early on. As of this morning, we only had just above 100 confirmed cases. I hope this will keep the spreading of the virus to a minimum.

Stay safe everyone!


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