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Sketching Swans

We went away for a few days last week to visit our friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is always great to catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while. We did not stay long in KL, but drove to the east coast and then took the ferry out to the Redang Island. Blue sky, turquoise waters, colourful fishes and a few drinks while playing cards on the beach. Not to forget the food, especially Roti Canai. ( A naan like thin bread that you eat with curry) A beautiful short vacation!

Now it is studio time again. In my last post I shared some Heron sketches with you, today I have a few Swan sketches.

I have been planning a few swan paintings for some time now, and now finally I am getting ideas that I am really excited about. Sometimes the process of planning a painting takes a little bit longer, and the ideas need time to 'simmer' for quite some time before they are ready.

This is watercolour in my art journal. I like the composition where the swan is small, and maybe not totally in focus. I'm thinking early morning light with a little mist.

This is the same swan. I painted in acrylics in this version, and with the swan more in focus in the composition. I reversed the light versus dark colours just to see what would happen with the atmosphere. I think I prefer the previous one.

This was another experiment with swans on land. I have made similar sketches before, but never gotten around of actually painting any of these ideas yet. I do not know how abstract I want to paint these. I think I will just have to continue sketching them until I feel that they are ready to be tested on canvas.

Last I have a small swan watercolour on hot pressed cotton paper. Sometimes a very simple approach is the best, and I enjoyed painting this one.

I wish you a beautiful week, and see you soon again!


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