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Postcards watercolours.

I can not believe it has been a week already. It feels like it was just yesterday that I wrote last. It is kinda weird that one whole week just feels like 3 days tops! And it's been a good week. We had a friends birthday party, a big bonfire on the beach, I been baking gorgeous rye sourdough bread and I have been painting!

This week I decided that I wanted to paint a few postcard-sized watercolour paintings that would fit into a few small frames that I have. I also wanted to play around with making these abstract backgrounds I get by dipping the paper into the mixing well of my watercolour palette. I did a series of mini paintings like this half a year ago when I had my give-away for my youtube channel and Instagram account. This time though, I wanted to first mask the bird and see what that would result in. It was so much fun that I did not stop with the 3 owls I painted first but continued with 3 silvereyes. I am now working on the last silvereye, and I am filming the process of it. So that will be my next watercolour video for Sunday on my Youtube channel.

Three barn owls. I really like how the flying barn owl turned out, I need to do a few more like that. These are all 16x11 cm.

Silvereyes. I do love how the backgrounds turned out here, this is definitely a technique for making backgrounds that I would like to explore further. I wonder if I could use the Gelli plate for making backgrounds on bigger pieces of paper?

This is one of the silvereyes in the frame I was painting it for.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, stay safe!


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