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Oil colours and spring.

One of the Blackbirds in my garden is very busy building a nest somewhere at the moment. I haven't seen where yet, but she is frequently flying through our garden with her beak full of building material. I was reminded of when I was living in the Netherlands, I had a pair of Blackbirds who build their nest just outside my window. It was wonderful to follow along the whole process.

This week I started two new paintings and almost got one painting finished. I have to say that it is so lovely to be able to paint from my own reference material.

Silvereye eating an apple. I really like this first stage of the painting. I have to be careful so that I do not overwork this painting.

First blocking in of a Sacred Kingfisher. This middle-sized Kingfisher is native to New Zealand. First I painted it a little too big, but now I wonder if I did not make it too small? Decisions, decisions...

This Silvereye in oil colours is almost done. One more layer with the final details should do it. I am already planning a companion to it.

Stay safe and happy painting everyone!


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