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New references.

New Zealand is in lockdown, but my everyday life has not changed almost at all. My husband is still going to work as normal (The mill he works at is considered essential work as it provides the food business with food packaging and power for the city) and we have no children that are home from school. I guess the same can be said for many that are normally working from home just like me. The biggest change is that all social events have to be postponed until further notice. And that it is difficult to get hold of normal flour for baking bread. I have been able to buy chickpea and buckwheat flour though, so I just have to adjust my recipe. But all in all, nothing that can be called problems!

Before the lockdown was put in place I took my camera and went for a walk to the river. I wanted to see if I could get some new reference photos to paint from. It was a lovely day, and I did get a few nice photos. My photo library of birds from New Zealand is slowly growing.

Pukeko. (or Purple Swamphen) I have seen this bird often from the car by the highways, but never in a place where I could get nice photos of it. Until now, that is.

Look at those feet! Or toes, actually... 😊 Fun fact about birds, just like almost any other animal but humans they are walking on their toes.

Royal Spoonbills. I love the way they are standing all facing the same direction, and then with those shadows that seem to be floating.

Welcome Swallow.

White-faced Heron. This is a very elegant small heron. Always in motion.

This photo is not totally in focus, but I love it anyway. Looks like he is dancing in a still like this. Definitely something I will paint one day!

I have decided to start sharing my photos of birds and flowers as reference material for other artists. If you are interested in painting from photos like these, then I now have two places that I have begun to upload photos to be used as reference:

You are more than welcome to come and join me there! Stay safe everyone!


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