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Miniature watercolour paintings.

In the first week of this month, I reached 1000 subscribers on my Youtube channel. 1000! I decided to have a giveaway for my subscribers to celebrate this milestone.

While we were still living in the hotel, I did a small experiment of wiping up leftover paint from my watercolour palette to a small piece of paper. This gave me a nice abstract background that I painted a small bird on. I really liked the result, and so that is what I decided to do for my giveaway. 10 small original watercolours, that did not take me that long to make. I do not know if you can really call them miniatures, but it is the smallest I have ever painted!

So last week I posted a video telling about the giveaway, and on Tuesday I announced the winners. I spent the whole week painting, and now I am in the process of preparing them to be sent off to their new homes. After that, I will dive straight into my next giveaway, because I have also reached 500 followers on Instagram! And that needs celebrating too! I'm planning to paint 5 more of these small birds and give them away on my Instagram account.

My knife and my cup matched, so I had to take a picture while I was preparing the edges of the watercolours.

Great-Crested Grebe. (reference from the 'paint my photo' website Here you can see how small they are. They are all either 8,5x8,5 or 9x9 cm.

Barn owl. (reference from the same place as above) I love how the abstract backgrounds start off by representing nothing in particular, but changes when you add the focal point to them.

Killdeer chicks. These were a lot of fun to paint. I mounted the paintings on a bigger envelope sized paper. (reference from the Facebook group 'photos for artists')

Common pheasant. This background was a little darker, so it needed a different kind of bird. (reference from Pixabay)

Pied Stilt and a White-faced Heron. These are both painted from my own reference material, and they are also both New Zealand birds.

European Robin and Iberian Yellow Wagtail. I really like the background behind the wagtail. (reference from Pixabay)

I think it adds something almost magical to the image if you leave some white space in the background. I have to remember this, because I usually tend to go a little too dark or add too much paint. The blue to the right is a Black-backed Gull. (my own reference, and an NZ bird)

Here they all are together. Which one is your favourite?


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