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Magnolia flower studies.

Happy spring everyone!

Last week I mentioned the great feeling of having finished something. I have to add to that list the great feeling of ticking off things on one's to-do list. I have a busy day today and lots to do, and I find that having a list that I can tick off things on very satisfying. Sometimes it is the small things that makes us happy, I guess.

√ - I have fed my rye sourdough starter ( homemade sourdough rye bread is so delicious!!)

√ - I have written the text for my other blog ( 2 weeks ago I started a food blog with my bestie Rain. I will link to it here once I am happy with how it looks. It is currently on WordPress, but I'm thinking of moving it to blogpost as I am more familiar with that site).

√ - I am writing this blog.

Left to do is to go to the grocery store, bake a cake for tomorrow, make the dessert for tonight, start filming my next video for Sunday and then start cooking for tonight's dinner with friends (ribs, yummy!!). It is still only early afternoon, so I will take the cue from the Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams: 'Do not panic'. What a great book that was. I have listen to the whole book series as audiobooks, and I really enjoyed the movie with Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent. I am still hoping for them to make the rest of the books into movies as well.

But I better get moving!

The Magnolias are in full bloom, different kinds of them, and this one is in bloom just outside my neighbours garden. This is a study in oil colours in my art journal. I prepared the paper with gesso before painting. I really enjoy painting with oils on paper, so I will make these into paintings on paper I think.

The picture I took for Instagram.

Here I tried a different colour for the background. I think I prefer the blue one, but both colours set off the flower beautifully.

Glorious sunlight yesterday afternoon in my studio.

My watercolour station, with Succulent paintings in progress.

Now I am off to the grocery store. See you next week!


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