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Herons. I got a few nice photos of them in the summer, and now I am planning a few paintings with them. The last few weeks I have not painted many actual paintings, because I have had so much fun just planning paintings. I have stretched and gessoed quite a lot of canvas in readiness though, so hopefully I will have painting in progress to share here soon.

All of these are in watercolours.

I have been trying out different things, mainly with the background. Trying to see what works and what does not work. Or more exactly what I like or do not like.

Here I tried for a little more background. I rather like this one.

This time I am not so sure if I like it, but I like the colours, so it ended up in my art journal.

Same heron, but a totally different background. As you can see I am going back and forth with more and then less abstract backgrounds. I like where this is going, so I will experiment some more until I have on paper what I see in my mind.


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