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Happy midsummer eve!

Last week I had a little problem with my masking fluid. I have two different brands of masking fluid (W&N's light yellow and Talen's grey coloured masking fluid), and I have never had any problem with them until now. They both suddenly stained the paper. I was wondering if masking fluid can get old. An artist friend suggested that it might be the paper, that some papers can't take the coloured masking fluid. So I bought colourless, or white masking fluid, and it seems to be working just fine on smooth hot pressed paper! It was nice to take the masking fluid of and still have pure clean paper underneath!

This is my studio for a couple of days. It's wonderful!

This is my second attempt at this water lily painting. The first one got ruined by the masking fluid, so I didn't even finish it. Here though the white masking fluid lifted well without any staining, at least what you can see with your eye. It is a little more difficult to apply since it is a little harder to see, but it is worth the extra hassle!

A closeup. I love that undersea green from Daniel smith.

Last I leave you with the finished waterlily from last week. Waterlily, 38x26cm watercolour on hot pressed paper.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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