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Greetings from Finland.

I cannot describe how wonderful it feels to be here. I am in my hometown, sitting outside breathing fresh air and listening to the birds. It is such a big contrast to the concrete jungle of Shanghai. And to think that I have two whole months to enjoy here, it is such a happy happy thought!

This was the last painting I worked on in my studio. I will post the finished painting here next week. I am very happy with how the background turned out. The flower itself could have been a little brighter, but I ran into a little problem with the masking fluid I used. It stained the paper, which it has not done before. Can masking fluid get old?

Last week I showed you a new mini palette I made to take with me home. I did not include any secondary colours in it as I can mix everything I need from the primary colours I have. But then when I used this Undersea green from Daniel Smith in a background for another water lily painting, I decided that I do want at least this colour with me after all. So I made an additional mini palette that holds just four half pans in a knead eraser's box. I poured in my two very granulating DS green paints. I also added two purples, as I had room for two more colours.

White wagtail in my art journal. I do like the pinkish colours of the stone, they go so well with the grey of the bird. This is definitely something I want to paint on cotton paper as well.

Black headed gull in the same journal. Experimenting with how to render water in watercolours.

And last I have a second version of the flying seagull. 26x38cm, watercolours on hot pressed cotton paper. (Reference: Paul Hruza)

Now I will go and make myself another cup of tea, and unpack my watercolours!


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