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Feathers and petals.

After a week of almost constant rain, we had a day of beautiful sunlight yesterday. I took the opportunity to go out with my camera and do some reference hunting. What was supposed to be a shortish walk around the closest nature walk, became a half-day out. I stopped often to just watch the birds. It was absolutely lovely! The fantails were crazy and flew around me almost every step of the way. A Tui was drinking nectar, the kingfisher flew by and the Silvereyes were eating apples. Not to mention that the Camellia, the Magnolias and other blossom are in full bloom!

A lot of new reference photos to paint from, so that is me very happy!

Tui bird drinking nectar.


Magnolia. These dark purple Magnolias were huge, almost twice the size of my hand!

The fantails are cheeky and very curious.

This is my neighbour's magnolia.

Silvereye. Or Waxeye, as some call it.

Pink Camellia. This seems to be a favourite flower of this whole town. There is a tree in almost every garden, and you will find them in almost every colour.


This is probably my favourite magnolia.

Silvereye in my garden. I saw that they seemed to like apples, so I put one out in my garden to see if I could lure some of them here. It worked like magic. I had 2 of them eating on it after just 10 minutes... I have to go an buy more apples tomorrow!

Happy weekend everyone!


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