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Fantail painting.

It is a great feeling when you finish something. This week I worked on this little fantail, and I am now happy to say that he is done. Or she. It is difficult to tell as both females and males look the same.

Originally the background was much browner in colour, almost monochrome. But for some reason, it did not feel right. Even if this is supposed to be a winter scene, the winter here in NZ is not colourless. So I introduced some different colours of green, and now it feels more 'authentic'.

The oil colours were still wet when I took this photo, so the colours seem somehow harder. The bird looks much softer in real life. I need to take more photos in different light conditions to see if I can get a more accurate image of it. I want to upload this to my website because it is high time I updated it with some new work!

On a different topic completely, it is our 11th wedding anniversary today. We are soon going to walk into the city centre, as we have a dinner reservation for 18:00 o'clock. I am very much looking forward to it!

Until next week, stay safe!


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