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Fantail in oil colours

After experimenting for quite a while, it seems like I am finally closing in at achieving on canvas what I can see in my head. It has been frustrating when I have had a specific image in my mind, but no matter what I try it comes out as something else. I do not know, old habits interfering maybe? Probably.

Lately, I have been painting over a lot of canvases and started over. It seems to have done the trick. Instead of continuing on something that I do not feel 100% about, I go back to the original idea. I do not have to finish every painting I start. There is a certain kind of freedom in letting go and just start over. Not to mention the excitement when it suddenly comes together and when the brushstrokes seem to go where they need to go. Happy day!

June was a slow month for me in the studio, but now I am very much looking forward to getting cracking in July!

Fantails. I am using my own reference photos for both paintings. Oil on canvas. I can see myself painting a whole series of these, and that is exactly what I am going to do.

The first step from a month ago beside the second layer that I painted today. I went from covering up a background I did not like to a background that I feel really belong there.

I hope you are all having a fabulous week, stay safe and happy painting!


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