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Evening in the studio.

Spring. It is getting lighter a little earlier in the mornings and it is light a little longer in the evenings. It can still be only 3˚C at night, but then go up to almost 20 in the sun during the day. That causes the house to have weird noises.

My favourite time to work in the studio is late evenings. It is not the best light conditions for painting, but I like it anyway. I light a candle, and as you can see it has quite a Christmassy feel to it. But it feels cosy and it makes me happy.

Trying out a new art journal; the Winsor&Newton watercolour sketchbook with cotton paper. It is lovely to work on. The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that the paper ripped when I removed the masking fluid. Avoctes.

It is 300 gsm paper in this sketchbook, so it takes a lot of water without warping.

One more small watercolour to go with the others from last week. Silvereye.

Stay safe and happy painting!


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