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Evening in the studio.

This last week has flown past so fast that I do not even remember what I have done. Not much apparently, because I had trouble finding anything new to take photos of and share with you. I have worked on a new video, oil colours for beginners for my Youtube channel. It took me a while, as I had to film everything twice. My first attempt became way too long and I talked too much nonsense. I still explained everything too much in my second attempt I think, but at least that video became shorter. It is uploading at the moment to my Youtube channel.

I have also spent quite a few hours on the internet looking for reference photos. That always takes up more time than I plan. But once I start, it is just so much fun looking for more and more and more... and suddenly the whole day has flown past! Ups... 😁

The two swan paintings next to each other. I have to confess that I am happy with them!

Studio in the evening. I love the evening light in my studio. It feels so warm and inviting. Several paintings in progress there over at the easel.

New Zealand Tui. It is a local honeyeater that I have seen several times already, but not yet been able to get any photos of it. This is one of those birds that I spend quite some time trying to find free reference photos of to paint. I do enjoy the colours, so this will be translated into an oil painting as soon as possible.

Stay safe, and happy painting!


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