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Birds in watercolour.

At the same time that I reached 1000 subscribers on my Youtube channel, I reached 500 followers on my Instagram account. I am so happy that my following is slowly growing and it is definitely a milestone to celebrate. I decided to host a giveaway on my Instagram account as well, and it was popular. I painted 5 small watercolours similar to the ones I did for my Youtube giveaway. I just returned from the city where I posted all 5 paintings to their new homes.

5 small watercolour birds. All are 8,5x8,5 or 9x9 cm.

Common loon. I love the call of a loon. It is so mysterious and almost haunting. I used to have a couple of loons as neighbours when I lived in Finland. They were very shy so I never saw them, but I did often hear them call. It was probably a red-throated loon that I had as a neighbour, but I can not be sure. watercolour, 8,5x8,5 cm. (Reference from Pixabay)

Superb Fairy Wren. I had a lot of fun playing with these backgrounds and then trying to find the perfect fit for them. In this case, I found a fairy-wren that just begged to be painted. Watercolour, 9x9cm. (Reference: Pixabay)

Common Kingfisher. I never tire of painting these small jewels. And I am always trying to find new kinds of backgrounds that would set off their brilliant colours. Watercolour, 8,5x8,5cm. (Reference: Michael Gibbons from the Facebook group Russ Bridges-Photographers with artists)

Sacred Kingfisher. This is the first kingfisher that I was able to get some really nice photos of. I am hoping to get many more because I love those colours. Watercolours, 9x9cm.

Carolina Wren. The last of the 5 paintings is a small brown wren. I would love to see these small cheeky birds in real life, and so they are on my birding bucket list! There are 2 species here in New Zealand, so maybe I will get lucky!

Stay safe everyone!


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