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Barn owls.

We just spend a fabulous weekend away with another family travelling a little around the north island of New Zealand. We did some zip-lining, saw a magical glowworm cave, and then the boys spend a whole day fishing for prawns while us girls bathed in hot springs.

Last week was a slow one for me. I had a cold, so not much energy to do anything significant. I painted a little and enjoyed listening to audiobooks.

One thing that I did decide to do was to repaint my old painting of this barn owl from 2015. I like the owl but not the background. I might still use the ornament element, but then I want it to be more faded.

I am taking it slow and playing around a little as I am not totally sure of how I want to change things. But it feels good to be working on it.

This is a new barn owl painting in progress. Oil colours. This layer has had time to dry now, so it is ready for another layer.

That was that for this time. Stay safe and happy painting!


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