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I really enjoy working with oil in my art journal. I like how the oil behaves on paper. Even if the gesso is the same to protect both paper and canvas, oil still feels totally different on paper. So, I decided to try and paint on loose paper to see if I could achieve some finished paintings this way. I prepared a few hot pressed watercolour paper with gesso and started with an underpainting, or with a background in acrylic.

I had a lot of fun. It felt like a play-day, and isn't work the most fun when it feels like play? First I painted with loads of water to get a 'watercoloury' effect, and then I added a few layers of dry brushing. Tomorrow I have to decide what to paint on these backgrounds.

This background is very subtle, and I'm thinking of maybe some kind of water flower. Waterlily or lotus perhaps?

This background is a little bolder. A magnolia or a cocky fantail? Or maybe a crested tit.

This one I have no clue yet. Maybe it will come to me tomorrow.

It is midwinter here in New Zealand, and the weather has been lovely. We have had a few days of rain followed by a few days of glorious sun. I love it when the weather is changeable.


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