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Autumn has arrived.

Autumn has arrived. Sun and warm one day, rain and thunderstorm the next day. Today we had all of it in one day. Rain during the night followed by a glorious sunny morning, then thunderstorm in the afternoon followed by a sunny beautiful evening. Now the stars are shining. I love it when the weather changes fast, makes me feel alive!

Nothing much has happened outside the studio. The same as for the whole last month. I guess it is pretty much the same everywhere at the moment, that life seems to have slowed down. Not time though, it feels like we only have 3 or 4 days to a week...

My desk today.

A long-tailed tit study in progress. Oil colours. I might add some more branches in a more abstract way, but I will think about it while this layer dries.

The swan has gotten another layer since last. I hope to finish it with one last layer.

I have started a barn owl painting. The background is painted in acrylic colours. I will add one or two more layers before starting to paint the actual owl.

I hope you are all safe!


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