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A weekend away.

To celebrate my husbands birthday we decided to go away for a fishing and hunting weekend. It was our guests, another family and us. We drove up into the hills about 1,5 hours away from Whakatane and stayed at the Wairata Station Farmstay right next to the Waioeka River. It was a beautiful place. We were isolated from the world as there were no internet and no cell phone coverage. All phones and ipads were stowed away for the whole weekend, so it was only 'old-fashioned' entertainment and outdoor activities. It was lovely!

The first day we had sun and endless blue sky so we went fishing. Or the boys fished, and us girls enjoyed the weather and had a lovely encounter with a cheeky pair of Fantails. And of course, the fantails appeared just when I had left my camera by my bag. I went to get my camera, but by then the fantails had found something else to interest them, so they were gone. That's just my luck. Luckily we had a pair of fantails that lived around the house where we stayed, so I got a few nice photos later in the day. Photos to come in my next post.

Fishing by the shore of the Waioeka River.

The water was very clean, and the fishes we caught tasted absolutely beautiful!

We saw no other people, so it was only us, the river and the fish. Oh, and the fantails, of course.

Getting the gear ready for fishing.

My husband in action.

Trout. We got 6 beautiful trouts in total. We smoked one for dinner, and it was so good! I am also curing one, and it will be interesting to see how that will taste. The rest are in the freezer waiting their turn to be eaten!

The second day the boys were supposed to go hunting, but the weather turned. So they went fishing again, and us girls went for a hike. There are supposed to be hills in the background here, but they were shrouded in clouds. The landscape was quite magical in this weather.

I can recommend this place to anyone. It was a wonderful weekend away!


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