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A Swan and a Tui.

The mornings are getting colder. But nothing an extra layer of clothing can't fix. The days are still nice and warm though, and so it does not feel like winter. Or late autumn, or whatever it is supposed to be now. I am yet a little confused by everything being the other way around here in New Zealand for me. The birds are very active, and we wake up to a loud chorus every morning. It is so nice, and I love getting up and start the day.

We have guests staying with us this week, and it is so lovely to be able to socialize a little again after lockdown. New Zealand is doing really well, and we only have 45 active covid cases at the moment. Let's hope it will continue to go down even if everything is opening up again slowly and life is returning to normal.

Swan nr 2. I think I will call it Serenity. I thought it was totally done, but now that I am looking at it, there is something that is bothering me with the waterline and perspective of the rock formation. I might want to redo that part. Let's see.

I started to paint the Tui from my art journal with oil on canvas. I started out on a 30x30cm canvas, and I had planned to add some more of the flax plant to make this composition work.

I added one more layer of colour, but I was not happy with the composition.

So instead of painting in more of the plant to balance the composition, I decided to crop the painting. I restretched the painting on a 25x30 cm frame. I wanted to keep it simple, and I like how it turned out. I also wiped of most of the previous colours, and now I need to let it dry before continuing. I will add some of those warm browns again I think, but softer.

That was it. Stay safe and happy painting!


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