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A bit of this and that!

Last week was a weird kind of week. I did no think I got anything done at first, but looking back I realized that I may not have got the quantity of work done that I had hoped, but I did have a few really good ideas. And that's all I need.

Barnowl in my watercolour art journal. Design idea to go onto coffee mugs and stationery. Very simple, but I like them simple in this case. I have a few designs now that I really like, so this week I will try and paint the finalised designs so that I can start uploading them to my RedBubble shop.

This is another design idea I had. And I like this one almost more than the original painting of the swan that I copied it from. When I want to get an idea down fast I cheat, you see. Why paint the swan again when I have already done it? So I printed it out and glued it in. Since the swan is from one of my own paintings I guess it isn't really cheating. And as one of my fellow artists over on Instagram noted: All's fair in love and sketchbooks!

The fantail has gotten another layer of oil paint, and I hope to finish it with one last layer. The values are there now, so now we only need a little more specks of colour to make it sing.

The same goes for this fantail. One last layer to go. And I now have a third one in mind that I need to get down on canvas so that I have a trio.

That was it. I hope you will all have a fabulous week, and stay safe!


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