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4 chicks have hatched!

Last time I checked the eggs in 'my' blackbirds birds nest was on Monday, and then the eggs were still whole and a beautiful teal colour. I checked online for how long blackbirds usually take to hatch, and they said around 14 days. So I knew it wouldn't be long before they hatched. Today I went and checked again, and behold, we have 4 perfect chicks! They look so big already, that they must have hatched on Tuesday. I sat out in the garden this evening, and Mr and Mrs Blackbird were flying in and out several times with their beaks full of yummy worms. I will need to check in more often now and get pics of the development. And rest assured, I only go and take pictures when I can see that the parents are out hunting for food because I do not want to spook them of their nest. I can see the nest through the window from my living room, so it is easy to tell when I can go and take a picture.

In my last post, I posted a picture of the eggs. Here is the latest development: 4 perfect chicks! These are (my guess) 3 days old, and already twice as big as the eggs! This is so exciting!

And in other news: I have found a part-time job, and today I had my first week behind me. It is a job at the local bookstore here in town, and it feels really good. I will of course miss being able to paint full time, but it is nice to come out and meet people. The first few weeks will be concentrated on learning everything new, but after that, I hope to be able to have lots of energy again for painting when I am home.

I will keep you updated on both the new job and the growing new blackbirds!

Happy weekend everyone!


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