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February update.

Solitary. New painting in my gallery!

February has been a good month, and I have gotten quite some work done. I have my first finished painting for the year, and many more in different stages of work in progress and soon coming to my gallery.

2018 was a slow year for me when it comes to painting. I wanted to see a change in my art but I wasn't sure how to convey my ideas from my head onto canvas. So I took on some art challenges and painted mainly in watercolour for the whole year, just to get another perspective on things. It really helped. Trying to force something usually never work, and I am glad that I didn't try to. Now it feels like everything is slowly falling into place and it feels like a natural development instead of a forced one.

So, keep an eye on this space! For more details on work in progress and what I am up to in the studio, please visit either my blog: or my instagram account:

Thank you so much for visiting, and I wish you alla good day!

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