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Autumn update.

November. The time does fly. I also realized that I have not updated my website in a while, and that has not been such a good idea. Apparently the instagram and youtube feed needs to be looked after and connected every now and again. I have just been lazy. I guess there are others out there who understand that sometimes things get put on the to do list for tomorrow, and then suddenly 2 months have flown past? Or is it just me?

Anyway, my trip to Finland during the late summer was lovely. I am also so happy to be going back for Christmas this year. It will be the first Christmas home for over 7 years! I am very much looking forward to that. Is it too early to start listening to Christmas music do you think? 🙃

I have not had anything to upload to my gallery here in ages, and that is becasue my artwork is changing direction slightly. I have been experimenting and painting mostly in my art journals to explore the change I feel is needed. Hopefully I will have new finished work to upload when the new year start. Until then you can follow my sketches and art journey on my instagram feed, facebook page or on my blog that I do update regulraly! Or on twitter! I almost forgot to tell you that I have join twitter. I had not planned to, but there were a few artists that I wanted to follow who did not have an instagram account (IG has been my preffered social media to follow fellow artist) but who were on twitter. So, I joined. I hadn't realized how big the artist community is on twitter. I always thought of it as only a political journal/comment kind of thing. Well, every day you learn something new has been a good day, eh?

Please subscribe to my blog for weekly updates on whats happening in my studio, link in the menu above! Hope to see you there!

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