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April update

I have been experimenting a lot in my studio lately, mainly to 'find' my own voice in my art. After quite a long pause from my studio last autumn, I came back refreshed and realized that I did not like my own art. If I don't like my art, why should anyone else? So when we moved apartment and I had the opportunity to set up my studio again and start fresh, I decided to only continue working on the paintings that made me happy. This has resulted in my artwork changing direction slightly, and I am very happy with the change.

I have been painting a lot with watercolours lately, and this tricky but beautiful medium is quite addictive. I think I have to set up a gallery for only watercolours in my menu bar. I am still not a 100% satisfied with my control (or lack thereof) of the medium (will we as artists ever be fully satisfied? Hopefully not, because then we would stop trying to improve all the time) so that is why I have not uploaded any of these new pieces of art. I will though, eventually. Maybe even already today.

I have also been working on trying to get all my commissions done. I have several on the go at the moment. That is usually the case with me. I work on many paintings at the same time. This means that for a long period of time I have no new paintings to share, and then suddenly I can have 10 finished pieces of art...

Instagram and Facebook are great platforms to share the progress photos of my work and so, if you would like to follow along what is happening in my studio I invite you to follow me on either of those platforms. Or both!

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