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News section.

So, I have decided not to move my blog here, at least not yet. I am quite happy with blogger (blogspot) and I have just linked it to this site. Instead I will use the blog feature here as a news section.

I have to say that I am very happy with this new website of mine. It looks fresh and definitely feels more like me. I think it is important that as an artist you are able to showcase your work online in a way that reflects the work itself and the artist.

Blog: I write in my blog every Friday. Life around and in the studio. Link to my blog on blogspot in the menu bar!

Youtube: I have my own youtube channel where I post videos twice a week. An art video on Tuesday and then an Art Chat video on Saturdays. The newest one will always be featured on my home page.

Instagram: On my Instagram account I post not only finished work, but also work in progress, whats on my desk and anything else art related.

Facebook: The same as with Instagram, plus that I share my blogposts and my video links here.

Comments and questions, likes and subscribtions are more than welcome and will help me alot!

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